Scope of Services

Global Gate brings to its clients an integrated management consulting effort, driven by a professional international consulting team, whose principal goal is to assist clients in overcoming the challenges, reducing the time required to accomplish the goals, and minimizing barriers to entry.

Whether your business development strategy involves international trade, or setting up an offshore operation, your knowledge of the market is detrimental to your success. To bolster your management resources and ensure your seamless penetration, Global Gate provides expertise in the areas of strategic planning, market research, marketing, finance, human resources, and government relations.

Global Gate provides the following “Core Competency” strategic advisory services to its clients:

  • Considers the client's strengths and weaknesses in entering the internatinal market
  • Analyzes the opportunities and risks in foreign markets
  • Develops an international market entry strategy, covering all needed management functions
  • Implements the plan for global expansion with a core competency project team.
  • Assures intellectual property protection
  • Takes the implementation process to a piont where the client's managment team can fully takes over




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