Line of Services

Global Gate offers a suite of professional advisory business development consultancy services that enable its clients to achieve their growth and expansion objectives. Each service can be approached and undertaken as an individual component or as an integrated approach.

Market Assessment Studies

Our team of consultants initiates the study by conducting Market Intelligence and secondary research in order to evaluate the target market potential in light of the sector in which the client has entry expectations. Market Assessment studies cover consumer demographics, market segmentation, target markets, market sizing, trade statistics, competitor analysis, distribution channels evaluation, market share analysis, market positioning, branding, pricing and marketing approach. The results of the assessment will determine the need for other consulting and counseling services.

Consumer Market Surveys

In order to help clients understand the demographic profiles and preferences of their target consumers, Global Gate provides its clients with quantitative consumer attitudinal and preferences surveys supplemented by qualitative focus groups. The surveys are beneficial in exploring the potential of new products/ services, test-marketing acceptance and evaluating consumer satisfaction. Understanding the behavioral characteristics and consumer trends is a critical ingredient for successful branding and product development especially in new markets where familiarity with cultural and social differences highly influences the success of the marketing approach.




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