Line of Services

Implementation Consultancy and Counseling

At the implementation stage, Global Gate offers its clients a host of technical-assistance consultancy and counseling services that will equip them for the take-off stage and facilitate their market entry by making their strategic and business plans actionable. The plans are supported by timelines and roadmaps to acquire the resources required to achieve the goals.

Our team of experts provides consultation services with regards to allocating ideal cost-effective geographic sites for the setting up of an off-shore subsidiary or representative branch offices. To facilitate entry, the team also offers logistics counseling with regards to company registration, intellectual property protection, import/ export documentations and planning corporate visits.

We also help our clients culturally integrate their international operations by providing orientation programs, training and assistance in intercultural management and negotiations. As well, we oversee the translation of all branding, marketing and communications materials to ensure that the messages are clearly and effectively communicated.

Through our well-established channel of contacts with governmental institutions, Ministries, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Customs Department, we help our clients understand the national regulatory environment and facilitate the approvals of government officials. Capitalizing on our networking expertise in the Gulf Region is beneficial, especially in a region where personal connections and social networks are paramount to success.




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